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Need For Speed Heat: Takedown

Axiom - Philomène Larocque
Winx - Philomène Larocque

Musiques, conception sonore, sfx et VO créés pour le jeu d'arcade "Need For Speed Heat : Takedown", développé par Sarbakan.

Sorti en novembre 2022

Dominoes Battle

Lobby Music - Philomène Larocque
Match Music - Philomène Larocque
Slot Machine Music - Philomène Larocque

Musiques composées pour le jeu "Dominoes Battle" développé par Gazeus Games.

Call Of Duty - Trailer

Electro orchestral hip-hop music and sound design remade for the Call Of Duty, Black Ops IIII trailer.

Spidey and his Amazing Friends : Electro Dash!

Sound design and VO made for  the game "Spidey and his Amazing Friends : Electro Dash!", from the children's television series "Spidey and his Amazing Friends!" and developed by Sarbakan.

Released in October 2022

Available on the  Disney Now app in the USA.

The Repairing Mantis

Nuit - Philomène Larocque

Psychedelic, hypnotic, depressive, and weird musical conception made for the "The Repairing Mantis" game, developed by Erupting Avocado.

Released in September 2021

* Note that I didn't compose the trailer music on Steam 

Le Secret de Merlin

Thème d'Ouverture - Philomène Larocque

Medieval music was composed for the game "Le Secret de Merlin", developed by DDJV (DESS in video game conception of Sherbrooke University).

Rolls Royce

Orchestral music and sound design remade for the Rolls Royce commercial.


Tupperware - Philomène Larocque

Corporate pop music was composed to go with a presentation video of Tupperware

The majority of sounds were made directly from Tupperware.

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