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Call Of Duty - Trailer

Electro orchestral hip-hop music and sound design remade for the Call Of Duty, Black Ops IIII trailer.

Need For Speed Heat: Takedown

Axiom - Philomène Larocque
Winx - Philomène Larocque

Music and sound design made for the arcade game "Need For Speed Heat : Takedown", developed by Sarbakan.

Released in November 2022

Rolls Royce

Orchestral music and sound design remade for the Rolls Royce commercial.

BRP Manifesto

Music and sound design remade for the BRP commercial.

Festival des Traditions du Monde de Sherbrooke

Memories video of the Festival des Traditions du Monde which took place in Sherbrooke, from 5 to 11 August 2019. 


Tuppeware - Philomène Larocque

Corporate pop music was composed to go with a presentation video of Tupperware

The majority of sounds were made directly from Tupperware.

Katalizo - Podcast

Real Time - Philomène Larocque

Pop-jazz corporative music composed as an introduction music for Katalizo podcasts.

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