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In Flux

Level 1

In Flux - Niveau 1 (version calme) - Philomène Larocque
In Flux - Niveau 1 (version mouvementé) - Philomène Larocque

Level 3

In Flux - Niveau 3 (version calme) - Philomène Larocque

These music tracks were composed for the game « In Flux », developed by Cégep Limoilou (AEC in Video Game Conception). In collaboration with another composer, there are only these music tracks that are present for the game. This required 2 versions of music (calm and hectic) for each level (there are 3 levels in the game). 



Team: Gabriel Murray-Gignac, Johnny Vibert, Johnathan Lacasse and Mathieu Pouliot-Goupil

Audio Artists: Philomène Larocque (in collaboration with Jean-Christophe Duhamel)

Supervisors: Pierre-Alexandre Leclerc, Dominic Carpentier and Jean-Rémy Horth

Support professionals: Denis Lessard (animation 3D of characters) and Kevin Cantin (programmation)

© May 2019 by Philomène Larocque 

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