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Juste un peu d'amour

Juste un peu d'amour - Arrangement par Philomène Larocque

This song, composed by Isabelle Lefrançois, graduated in chant à l'Université Laval, is at service of the Respect Mutuel website, anti-bullyin gwebsite, made by Nadia Laliberté:


Audiovisual technicien: Sébastien Vachon


Lyrics and melody: Isabelle Lefrançois

Melody and musical arrangement: Philomène Larocque


Main singer: Isabelle Lefrançois

Back vocals: Lise Leduc, Frédéric Leduc and Philomène Larocque


© 2016 by Isabelle Lefrançois and Philomène Larocque

A remake of "Juste un peu d'amour" within the framework of internship IV in music teaching during the studies of Isabelle Lefrançois.



Lyrics and melody: Isabelle Lefrançois

Melody et musical arrangement: Philomène Larocque

Filming: Sébastien Vachon and Olivier Fourcaudot (student of grade 5)

Editing: Isabelle Lefrançois and Paul Moreau (student of grade 5)

With the participation of students of l'école St-Édouard en concentration musique and with Le Choeur Durocher choir

© November 2017 by Isabelle Lefrançois

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